RV Day of Trip Check List…Check it Out!

It is very important to properly prepare for a RV trip no matter how far or for how long you plan on going. Planning your trip will leave you feeling less stressed and less likely to forget important items. And the number one reason why you should prep for your RV trip Texas is for safety reasons. You want to be prepared for the worse, but expect the best time possible. There are tons of lists available online that go as far as a 30-day preparation checklist for your RV but we like to use the day of checklist the most because we find that the most problems occur right before you hit the road.

Although we can come up with a list ourselves, why reinvent the wheel when this list is perfect!

Recreational Vehicle “Day of Trip” Checklist (Around the House)

  • Check lawn sprinkler control setting
  • Remove all trash and garbage
  • Check refrigerator/freezer temperature settings
  • Secure home and valuables before leaving
  • Outside the Recreational Vehicle
  • If your RV is connected, make sure to disconnect and stow:
  • Shore Power Cord
  • City Water Connection Hose
  • Sewer Hose

Take an exterior walk around

  •   Check all exterior lights for operation and damage
  •   Check wheel lugs for tightness
  •   Check tires for correct air pressure
  •   Check and lock all exterior compartments and filler doors
  •   Check and secure all items stored on the exterior of the coach
  •   Check the areas around, below and above the coach for obstacles to move or avoid when driving away
  •   Turn main LP gas valve OFF
  •   Check that the leveling jacks are fully retracted or removed
  •   Check that the TV antenna is fully retracted
  •   Check that the awning(s) are up and secured and in lock position
  •   If auxiliary power is necessary, start generator and check 120V system

Inside the Recreational Vehicle

  •   Lock the entrance door from the inside
  •   Make sure the entrance step is completely retracted
  •   Check adjustment of rear-view and driver’s seat mirrors
  •   Close all windows and vents
  •   Turn off the water pump switch
  •   Clear and stow all loose articles from counters, range, sinks and shelves
  •   Check that heavy items are stowed in lower cabinets, NOT overhead
  •   Close and secure the bathroom door, shower door, all cabinet doors and
  • all drawers
  •   Turn off all interior lights
  • Check refrigerator for proper settings and that door is securely fastened
  • When packing the refrigerator, do not pack so tightly as to shut off internal
  • air flow
  • Recheck smoke detector battery
  • Check that air conditioning switch is off before travel
  • Make sure current insurance card and vehicle registration are in vehicle
  • Frequently Forgotten Items (Don’t Forget!)
  • Prescription glasses/sunglasses (and prescription in case they are lost)
  • Camera/film/video recorder/ extra digital image storage
  • Stationery and stamps
  • Address Book/PDA with phone list
  • Cell phone, charger, instructions, accessories
  • Quarters/Dimes/Nickels
  • TV/Satellite manuals
  • Rock salt supply (for water softener)
  • Power inverter
  • Battery jumper cables/flares/flashlight
  • Accurate tire pressure gauge
  • Emergency items: First aid kit, heating pad, ice bag (Go Camping America)

If you have any pre-trip RV checklists that you’d like to share, we would love to hear from you! Stop by ExploreUSA RV Supercenter for a great selection of accessories.

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