3 Heartland Cyclone Floorplans For Large Families


If you’ve got a large family, you probably know the pains of finding an RV that can not only fit the kids, fido, and maybe even a couple of friends, but also your favorite toys. After all, heading out on a trip just isn’t the same if you have to leave your hobbies behind. That’s the whole reason toy haulers were created: they provide RVers the means to take their toys and hobbies with them wherever they go.

Finding a toy hauler that works for the whole family, however, isn’t easy. Enter the Heartland Cyclone. This toy hauler is the perfect choice for anyone seeking luxury living. We put together a list of 3 great Cyclone floorplans for large families.


2015 Heartland Cyclone 4200

The Cyclone 4200 sleeps 8 people, measures 44′ in length, and includes 3 slides. The garage is 12′ long and includes a full bathroom, something that is hard to find in any RV! It also gives you the option to select a loft above the cargo area. At the front of the RV you’ll find a king sized bed located in a slide, washer/dryer prep, and an additional full bathroom. If you love to cook you’ll appreciate the huge bathroom that includes an overhang counter with seating for two and a slide with table tops. The outside of this floorplan also offers a patio. The 4200 truly provides space for you to do everything you love with the people you love!

2015 Heartland Cyclone 4100 King

The 4100 King offers space for 8 people and is 43′ long. The garage includes a half bathroom, which is perfect to use after a day of getting dirty playing outside. It also comes with an overhead loft. A king sized bed sits in a slide at the front of the bedroom and is situated across from a dresser. The kitchen features two slides: one holds the dining room seating, while the other holds the range and refrigerator. This floorplan includes an incredible 100 gallon fresh water capacity and 82 gallon grey and black water capacity.

2015 Heartland Cyclone 4000 Elite

This floorplan offers everything you need to accommodate the whole family, but without all the bells and whistles the other floorplans offer. The rear garage is 12′ long, however, it doesn’t come with an additional bathroom. It offers a ton of living space in the living room thanks to the L-shaped couch that’s located adjacent to the kitchen. Across from the kitchen is an additional slide that offers more seating and the refrigerator. The front bedroom comes with washer/dryer prep and a queen sized bed.

As you can see, the Heartland Cyclone has much to offer large families. Learn more about this toy hauler by contacting us or viewing our selection online. We will happily answer any questions you have and make sure you find the bed RV for your needs.

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