5 Easy Foil Packet Camping Recipes

fajita foil dinner
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If you’re like most of us you’ve probably already started planning your spring RVing trip. You know where you’re going and what you’re going to do. Maybe a little hiking or fishing, but, do you know what you’re going to eat? Sure you might sample some of the local cuisine, but for the most part you’ll probably eat in. It’s healthy and economical. Since you’ll be busy and out and about all day, you need some quick and easy meals that your family will love. Enter these foil packet dinners. They cook quick, require few dishes and are delicious.

BBQ Veggie Packet

Grab you favorite veggies, mix with Mexican spices and throw in a foil pack to enjoy. One of the best parts of this recipe is you can really use any vegetables you like, which means instead of shopping ahead of time you can hit local farmer’s markets and get whatever is in season where you’re visiting. Get the entire recipe here.

Chicken Fajita Packet

I don’t know about you, but Fajitas make me happy. As a bonus they’re incredibly flavorful, yet are quite healthy considering the amount of vegetables and grilled protein you get with them. These little fajita packets require less attention than what traditional grilling does, but manage to provide you with that traditional fajita taste. Find the recipe here.

Grilled Pasta

Grilled pasta might sound really weird, but it’s super satisfying and easy to make. These pasta packets can be customized to each person’s individual taste. Add extra veggies for the veggie lover in your family or different cheese flavors. Get the recipe and unique pasta grilling technique here.

Beef Negimaki

Love Asian cuisine? This incredibly flavorful dish will impress your family and offers about 1 gram of fat per ounce. This means it’s secretly healthy. Get this healthy recipe here.

Chicken and Veggies

Nothing beats traditional chicken and veggies. This packet includes a tasty olive tapenade that looks gourmet but is really easy to make. It’s full of anti oxidants and is incredibly flavorful. Even the kids might come looking for seconds of this dish. Here’s where you can find the whole recipe.

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