Planning for the Road Ahead RVers

When I’m planning our RVing trips I like to plan in detail.  It keeps us safe on the road when we are RVing so I’m not a huge fan of when unexpected things happen especially when it could have been known about or prepared for. But don’t get me wrong, I can still roll with the punches with the best of them.

To be more specific, I’m not a fan of when I’m driving on a mountain pass and see a sign coming up that says “6-7% grade, next 10 miles. Trucks use low gears.”  Sure the sign gives you enough time, usually, to adjust and accommodate the grade, but heck, I’d like to know these things earlier if possible. And I can thanks to a great RV essential, the latest editions of the Mountain Directory West and the Mountain Director East.

The Mountain Directory West lists details about on approximately 400 passes and steep grades in the 11 western states. Information  about these passes and steep grades includes “how long and how steep (percent) the grades are, whether the road is two, three, or four lane, if there are sharp curves, switchbacks, escape ramps, or narrow shoulders.”

This book is perfect for a guy that just wants to know everything about the road he’s traveling on!  And it can be lifesaving too as you can determine if a road looks like it is too much for what you are driving or pulling. Not all recreational vehicles can go everywhere a car or truck can so it’s best to know that in advance.

You can get this book online at RV Book Store.

This book allows you to be a better, safer driver. And for all of your RVing needs come check out ExploreUSA RV Supercenter today.

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