Attention RV Boondockers: An Accessory worth the money!

In case you are not familiar with the RV term, boondocking, let me supply the definition. Boondocking is basically free camping, usually out in the boondocks!

If you are passionate about boondocking out in the remote parts of the United States, a useful and efficient  RV accessory can be invaluable.

Take the battery powered water pump, for example. This gem runs on D batteries and serves many purposes.

Think about all of the things this little pump can do.

  • Pump water from a lake or river into bottles for transfer to your rig. Use this only if you use purified or bottled water for drinking and cooking and your water tank for showers and washing dishes.
  • No more lifting heavy water jugs to pour into your tank, which over time will save you a lot of back aches. Pump drinking water from your jug or water supply into your rig’s water tank. Back your tow vehicle or dinghy  up to your fifth wheel or motorhome, attach a garden hose to the pump and another into your water fill opening and turn on the pump. Magic happens while you tend to another project. [RV Boondocking News]

There are some portable water pumps on for less than $50. The average running time on a set of batteries is about 5 hours. A stronger pump can pump more water per minute, but they cost more.

If you have any experience with boondocking for long periods of time, you know that you have to be smart about your water usage. This accessory could give you many more days worth of being one with nature.

If you need other supplies for your Texas RV boondocking adventures, make sure you visit one of our Explore USA Texas RV dealerships. we are located in Boerne, Canton, Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Kyle, San Antonio and Seguin.


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