ATV Vacation

You’ve decided you want to spend your vacation playing instead of sightseeing this year. The first thing you need is a toy hauler to carry the ATVs. A Texas RV dealer, ExploreUSA, has toy haulers to make your play-cation a reality. Grab the toy hauler — new or used — that fits your family, load up the ATVs, and head to one of the many ATV parks in Texas. Many offer RV camping and RV camping on lakes. The ATV parks have hundreds of acres of trails.

2012 Dutchmen RV Rubicon
When choosing the toy hauler, make sure it is spacious enough for the entire family. The 2012 Dutchmen RV Rubicon 2900 Toy Hauler sleeps seven and, with one slide for the living area, has plenty of room for the entire family to relax after a day of trail riding.

2012 Dutchmen RV Voltage

For the hardcore ATVer, the 012 Dutchmen RV Voltage V3950 Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel offers room for up to 10 people to sleep and has two bathrooms, plus a large living space. And, of course, there is plenty of room for the toys.

Getting Ready to Go

Once you’re at the ATV park, you will not want to have to be bothered with going to the store for supplies — you will be having too much fun. Make a list of everything you need before you start packing. Plan the meals for the days you will be gone. Dutchmen toy haulers have excellent storage capacities. Make sure you pack extra clothing in case you decide to ride through some ATV mud bogs. The larger toy haulers have double door refrigerators and freezers. Fill everything up and get ready to roll!

Arriving at the ATV Park

No doubt the first thing you’ll want to do is to go exploring. Before you do that, set up the toy hauler and pull something out for dinner — you will be hungry after traveling all day, then exploring once you get to the ATV park. Pull out the barbecue grill and throw those ribs on the fire!

Once you have everything set up and dinner ready to roll, review the rules of the ATV park. Explore the area around your campsite. Locate trash disposals, sewage dump stations and, if you’re lucky enough to grab a spot on a lake, explore the edge of the lake. Once you familiarize yourself with the area, and it’s not too late, crank up the ATVs for a ride around some of the trails.

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