Beef Up the Security on Your RV With These Tips Texas RVers!

It’s easy to assume that things are safe in the camper after you’ve locked it up and are on your way.  For the most part yes, however, most RV locks for the outside storage bins are made with a universal lock so it’s important to change out your locks as soon as possible. If your key has CH751 printed on it, then just about any RVer on the road will be able to open it too. Bummer, but only if you don’t change your locks!

Check out this video on how to replace the lock to your front door:

If you have a travel trailer then you should look at investing in a high quality trailer hitch lock.  When you are purchasing this, a key component is that it must completely cover the coupler so that it can’t be lowered over a ball. If not, then you’ve just wasted some money and are still at risk.

Another type of lock to keep travel trailer, fifth wheels even your propane tank secure is to use a cable lock system. These are suppose to be extremely hard, if not next to impossible to cut. You can weave them through the wheels on one side making them unable to turn, therefore unable to move and steal. You can also weave though the propane tank to keep them secured to your trailer as well.

Installing a safe in your recreational vehicle is another option to keep your valuable safe.  The best safe is a floor safe that is fireproof as well.  If you’re going to purchase a new RV then you should consider having this added, however if you already have a RV or are purchasing a used one you can install a safe. But  a floor safe is only as secure as its installation!  That means this needs to be securely installed into your RV.

When you are out RVing, don’t carry a lot of cash around. There are ATMs just about everywhere so get out enough money to last a few days.  If possible, ladies, don’t bring along a lot of expensive jewelry. If you’re a full time RVer then I suggest putting it all in a safe deposit box and don’t risk it getting stolen.

If you have any RV security tips you’d like to share post your comment below or swing on by any ExploreUSA RV Super Center today!


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