Best Apps For RVers

Ready to hit the road on your next RV adventure? Check out these apps to help you make the most of your journey.

Ms. Dinny

GASBUDDY (Free; Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows)

GasBuddy tracks and maps gas prices at stations around you. Use it to find the lowest gas prices while on the road and to estimate the gas costs of your next trip. The app is free and runs off of the information submitted by users, so don’t forget to ‘pay it forward’ by submitting gas prices you come across along the way.

WAZE (Free; Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows)

Waze touts itself as ‘the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app.’ The free app lets you map out the best route for your journey based on user-submitted information on traffic, construction, and roadside stops.

SANIDUMPS ($2.99; iOS)

Perhaps the most practical of all the apps, SaniDumps helps you quickly find a spot to empty the gray and black water tanks in your RV. Locations are mapped and updated in realtime, so you’ll know if the location is open ahead of time.


If your RV trip just wouldn’t be complete without a detour to a quirky roadside attraction, then download Roadside America’s app for a map of nearby stops. Probably the most comprehensive list of sites, Roadside America’s app will get you on your way to the Muffler Men and Alien Autopsy sites in no time.

STATE LINES ($4.99, iPhone, Android)

Crossing so many county and state lines makes it almost impossible to keep track of local laws and regulations. Are right turns on red allowed? Can the front seat passenger use a cell phone? Where can a dog run unleashed? Thankfully, State Lines makes it easy to know the essentials when you’re traveling to keep you aware and out of trouble.

You’ve got your route mapped out, gas estimates made, and state laws down pat–what next? Visit one of our locations to see our newest arrivals and make your dream RV vacation a reality.

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