Black and Grey Water Holding Tank Maintenance Tips for Your RV Texas!


A lot of people don’t like the task of emptying the black and grey water holding tanks. Actually, I don’t know anyone that does. But it is a task that needs to be done. And not only do you need to empty the holding tanks, but you also need to maintain them as well so that you don’t run into any major problems later on.

If you’re a newbie to the recreational vehicle world then here’s a little basics about the water holding tanks. There are actually three waters systems, fresh water, grey water and black water. Fresh water is what it is. The grey water tank is the water that is collected from all of sinks like the kitchen and the bathroom. The black water tank is what is collected from the toilet. So as you can see, it’s very important that these tanks get maintained properly and emptied properly.

When dealing with the grey water tank, it is a little less maintenance than the black water holding tank. However, it still needs maintenance. Some folks find that leaving the valve for the grey water tank open when they are only camping for a few days is beneficial since the water being collected is from the bath and sinks. If you choose to do this, you should check with your campground administrator to see if it’s acceptable on the property.  But I personally don’t like to leave my valve open as I feel that it can lead to build up of solids in the tank. Therefore, I always close my valve so that I can get to a full tank. If you’re camping for a week or longer then it’s recommended to close up the valve and use a chemical to break down matter. Even if you’re only camping for a few days you can still choose to keep the valve closed on the grey water tank. This allows it to fill up and then flush out any buildup when you go to empty it as well as keeps the tank as fresh as it can be.

The black water holding tank most definitely needs chemicals to help break down solid waste and toilet paper as well as keep odors under control.You can find a great selection of black water tank products at ExploreUSA RV Super Center.  The valve of the black water tank must always be closed unless you’re emptying the tank.

When it comes to emptying the holding tanks I think it’s best to start with the black water tank and then the grey water holding tank so that you are flushing out the dirtiest water with progressively cleaner water.  Your tank should be at least three-quarters of the way full before you empty it. If it’s not, then add water to it via the toilet.  That way, when you are dumping a full tank, you know that there is enough water to flush out solids from the tank.

Maintaining and emptying the grey and black water holding tanks isn’t as bad of a task as you may have heard of. But, it is a necessary one!  For all of your RVing needs, stop by ExplorUSA RV Super Center today!

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