Camping Is a Very Healthy Activity for Kids

Ever since computers, iPads, iPhones, video games and other electronic devices were introduced, kids tend to spend more time in front of the television or computer than they spend outside getting exercise. This is part of why many kids are overweight. Camping provides an outlet for kids and adults, especially if the area is new to them. Stop at ExploreUSA RV Supercenter, a Texas RV dealer to get your used RV serviced, buy a new RV or just to pick up essentials needed for RV maintenance and get on the road.

Hunting and Fishing: During hunting and fishing seasons, you can teach your children how to hunt and fish. Teach your children how to use the tools of the trade and the safety rules associated with hunting and fishing. Since you should always bring a first aid kit with you when traipsing through the woods, teach the children how to do some basic first aid, including the Heimlich, how to take care of a small cut or scrape and what to do if someone is in trouble in the water. Of course, many of these things are age dependent — you wouldn’t have a three-year-old shooting a powerful gun, but a three-year-old would enjoy fishing.

Hiking: Children of all ages enjoy hiking, another activity that gets them out of the house for exercise. Hiking is better than just walking around the block, because there is so much to see. While on a hike with the children, teach them the importance of preserving and observing nature. During the hike, you can go bird watching. Get a book with pictures of the birds local to your area. See if the children can find the birds on the hike.

Boating: Boating is another fun activity to get the kids out of the house and away from the electronics. Boating could include fishing or water skiing. Also, children could learn how to canoe or kayak if they are old enough.

Collecting: Nature provides many neat things to collect including odd-looking stones, leaves, flowers and different grasses. Prepare a list of things for your children to locate while on the beach or on a hike. Use pictures to help your children find the items. Your children will learn what certain things are and how to find them.

Teach your children many things while camping. Teach them how to pack for an outside overnight trip, how to build a fire and how to survive in the wilderness. All of these activities must be done outside and away from the electronics — and many require that you and your children walk or hike or do some other form of exercise.

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