Check Out These Texas Rivers

It is a childhood past time for me to be at the river, enjoying time with my family and friends! There are several different Texas rivers that you can take your ExploreUSA RV to, it just depends what kind of float you are interested in and who your passengers are. Before you leave for your trip, be sure to have ExploreUSA check out your RV and make sure it is ready for the trip. Also, when you come in, you can pick up accessories/essentials you may need for RV maintenance or for fun.

The San Marcos River: The San Marcos River is a popular tubing destination. People usually start their float in San Marcos and travel downstream. You can also swim, scuba dive and snorkel. The river is crystal clear, making it one of the best rivers for snorkeling and diving. There are many campgrounds downstream from San Marcos. If you didn’t know- this river also goes right through Texas State University! It’s a beautiful University and a beautiful float.


  • The Brazos River: The most popular section for tubing on this river is below the Possum Kingdom Dam.
  • The Comal River: The Comal River is the shortest river in Texas at only three miles long. It’s crystal clear waters start at large springs in New Braunfels. The river ends at the Guadalupe River. This is a very popular river and has been a long time favorite of many. This year the city of New Braunfels implemented a can ban- so be very careful what containers you wish to bring with you on your float. Even though it’s the first year the can ban has been in place, the city police isn’t wasting any time handing out citations!
  • The Guadalupe River: The Guadalupe River is a very popular river around New Braunfels as well. It has many places to rent tubes, kayaks, canoes and rafts. Many people also go fishing along this river. Also- there are some excellent campground along this Guadalupe River!
  • The Neches River: This river is popular with paddling enthusiasts because of its scenic views.

Safety: Tubing and playing on the rivers is safe if you take precautions. If you are not a strong swimmer or do not know how to swim, you should always wear a life jacket. If you have young children, the children should always have life jackets.

Reservations: Tubing on the rivers is a popular activity during the hot months. While many places may not take reservations, call ahead to be sure the equipment you need — tubes, kayaks, canoes, rafts, etc., are available. If not, you can choose a different spot on the river or choose a different river.

Tips: Don’t bring valuables with you. While it is not usually safe to leave them in an RV, if you have a hidden safe or you can lock them in a locker at the campground, do that. For things you do need to bring with you, such as a wallet or cell phone, put them in a zippered plastic bag. Be sure you get all the air out of the bag. Put the bag into a second zippered bag and remove the air out of that. Put the zippered bag with your valuables in a mesh bag and tie it to your belt.

Have a fun time this summer floating a Texas river. Be safe!

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