Cleaning Tricks to Keep your RV Shining!

As I prepare to hit the road for my first time this year in my ExploreUSA RV, I want to make sure that I have all the kitchen and bathroom supplies that we’ll need. Then I need to pack clothes, maintenance and repair items too.  I think I’m going to run out of storage space! I think I’ll take out some of the cleaning supplies that I’ve packed. I can use some of those basic household supplies that are in the kitchen already.

For instance; you have some plain white vinegar in your pantry, right? Next time you are out washing the RV add 1/3-cup of your vinegar to your bucket of water and cleanser! The vinegar boosts the cleanser you are using, and it helps prevent water spotting! We all know how annoying water spots can be, especially after spending hours washing and cleaning trying to make the old girl shine! As a side note; don’t use dish soap, use a cleanser that is made for RVs. Soap can harm the paint and finishes.

Another fun trick is to use a tube sock when you want to clean the window blinds. Spray an all-purpose cleaner on the blinds and rub your hand back and forth to clean and pick up any dust bunnies that have come along for the ride. Speaking of bunnies; you can make puppets with the sock if you want, whatever makes cleaning more entertaining for you!

Are you impressed so far? How about this one! If you are looking for a way to remove stains from the ceiling and carpet in your RV grab a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a box of baking soda, and pay attention. Mix the two together to create a thin paste, apply the mixture to the stain that is no longer welcomed and watch it disappear!!  It might take an hour or so depending on the stain.

Vinegar, baking soda and other basic kitchen supplies can clean just as well as the name brand cleaners, plus they don’t leave your trailer or fifth wheel smelling like, well, a cleaner!

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