Create Your Own Bug Off Candle Set-Up

We’ve all been camping and enjoying time with the family, when all of a sudden an onslaught of buzzing assaults your ears. The mosquitoes have arrived and they’re looking for blood. They’re looking to keep you up all night long itching any bare skin and slapping at the air only to kill one or two of these pests. They might even get so bad that you have to retire and call it an early night. Not anymore, though. In just a few easy steps you can say goodbye to worthless tiki torches that do little more than provide a fun atmosphere and actually create a mosquito repellent candle that truly works, provides a warm glow to the atmosphere, and even puts off a pleasant scent, which is more than you can say the “other” candles do.

FiveRings at en.wikipedia [CC-BY-3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons
FiveRings at en.wikipedia [CC-BY-3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons
To make your own floating citronella candle you need a few herbs from your fridge, a mason jar, and a floating candle(s). Floating candles can be purchased at your local craft or candle store. They’re typically anywhere from $1-$2.


Mason Jars


Cutting Board




Floating Candles

Citronella Oil

Using your knife cut the lemon into medium thickness slices. Place the rosemary and mint into the mason jars, along with the sliced lemon. Fill with water and a few drops of the citronella oil. Add the floating candle and light. Within a few minutes the heat from the candle with draw out the scent of the herbs and oil and begin to repel those pesky mosquitoes, and you’ll be able to enjoy socializing outside without worry.

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