Deck Your RV Out For Christmas

One of the advantages to having an RV is being able to take holiday cheer on the road. Yeah, you read that right. RVs give you the opportunity to bring smiles to people’s faces while you’re traveling to your destination. It’s like when you’re driving through town having a crummy day and suddenly see a car with reindeer antlers and a big, red Rudolph nose. We put together a list of some nifty ideas on how you can spread holiday cheer.


A little sparkle never hurt anyone! Pick up a bunch of garland in festive colors and wrap your RV in it. As a bonus, bring some extra along and wrap the trees around your campground with garland. Just be sure to get permission from the campground first.


Christmas lights truly make the season magical. Unfortunately, there isn’t a place to plug the lights in while you’re traveling. The good news is there’s a line of solar powered lights out that you can decorate your RV with. These come with an attachment that converts the sun’s energy into energy to power the lights. All you need to do it find a place to anchor the attachment.

Plastic Figurines

These are oldies but goodies. How fun would it be to take along your favorite plastic lawn ornaments and set them up around your campsite. As a bonus you could try to set them up on your RV,just don’t count on increase fuel efficiency.

One of the most fun things to do it to drive around looking at Christmas lights. Imagine the joy families and children will experience when they drive through your campground and see your RV decked out or are headed down the highway and see you barreling down the road with garland and lights in tow.


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