Dress Your RV Up for Halloween!


There’s only a few days left until the big fright night!  Dressing up the RV can be lots of fun for the family as well as your campground neighbors. You may not get as many trick or treater as you would if you were at your bricks and sticks home, but I know your neighbors will appreciate your Halloween spirit!

Not only can you decorate your RV if you’re out camping, but also if you’re RV is parked at your bricks and sticks home  too.  This provides a great opportunity to your RV Texas into a great haunted house!   There are so many options that I don’t even know where to being to start suggesting things!  But since I do really like this holiday I’m going to have give at least few!  I went shopping for some decorations and saw the scariest Freddie Cruger, ever. Which was borderline on being too scary and too mean so I had to pass on it. So maybe my haunted travel trailer house isn’t that scary, but it sure is fun! I like to line the floor with black trash bags to help make it and odd flooring, but mostly to protect it! And it a hunter house works best if your travel trailer or motorhome has two doors for an entry and an exit. If not, then I suggest only allowing a few people in at a time.

Back to decorations. I like to hang spider webs from the ceiling. Filling up the sink with water and red dye with a light shining on it it is a good one too. You can have a scary monster jump out of the bathroom or a any space you can think of.  The ideas are endless!

If you are spending your Halloween out camping, check the area for local events going on. Your campground may even be hosing a party too.  You can also go check out the local pumpkin patches for pumpkins and fun activities for the family.

Whether your RVing or using your RV Texas as a haunted house, it will most definitely be a lot of fun! If you have any great Halloween ideas for the RV please let us know! Post below or come chat with us at any convenient ExploreUSA RV Supercenter.

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