Explore New Mexico In Your ExploreUSA RV!

In your Texas RV travels have you had the opportunity to visit an area where you could view Petroglyphs carved into volcanic rock hundreds and hundreds of years ago? It is really quite something to view. You can see over 700 Petroglyphs in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Petroglyph National Monument.

And while you are viewing the art made by Native American Indians and Spanish settlers you can partake is some absolutely incredible views. To the East you’ll see the city of Albuquerque and the Sandia Mountains and to the West, Mount Taylor.

When you first arrive in the area, go to the Welcome Center where you will find helpful people, maps, important information and a really fun gift shop. From there you can drive just a couple miles where you will find parking for your new or used Texas RV, a nice area to have a picnic and most importantly trails that will take you back in time as you view the hundreds of petroglyphs.

There are many very elaborate artistic renditions but take it slow so you won’t miss the small petroglyphs sprinkled throughout the volcanic rocks. You will see artistic renditions of people, animals and and array or spiritual symbols

Visit the Rionado Canyon with a 2.2 mile sandy trail and over 500 petroglyphs. Or enjoy the Boca Negra Canyon where you will find several small trails and have the option to climb a small mountain that will not only show you hundreds of petroglyphs along the way but will also provide panoramic views when you reach the top. It is an uphill climb, so be sure you are physically capable, and that you have plenty of water. And be careful, beyond the friendly New Mexico desert wildlife you could also run into a “not so friendly” rattlesnake.

It is interesting to find that the petroglyphs are not only from Native American Indians and early Spanish settlers but on the Mesa Point Trail (part of the Boca Negra Canyon) you will also find crosses that closely resemble historic Latin Christian crosses believed to have been made in the 1700s or 1800s by Spanish shepherds.

Explore New Mexico In your ExploreUSA RV!

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