Heartland Travel Trailers: So Many Choices

exterior heartland north trail
North Trail Travel Trailer

When it comes to finding the right RV, a lot of it comes down to simply having the selection before you. If you have a large selection RVs available to you, then you’ll have the opportunity to see the variety of amenities and floorplans out there and ultimately be able to make the best choice possible. Here at Explore USA, we aim to provide a large selection to our customers and offer travel trailers from a variety of manufacturers, including Heartland. Check out our snapshot of Heartland Travel Trailers below and view our selection online to learn more.

north trail interior
North Trail Interior

Heartland Wilderness

This lightweight travel trailer sleeps up to 9 people, making it popular among large families. It ranges between 22′ and 35′ in length and can include up to 3 slides. It’s 82″ interior ceiling height means you’ll never feel cramped, while ample storage in each spare space including under the bed and in some dresser drawers, allows you to bring along everything you need to feel right at home. With 13 floorplans to choose from you can rest assured you’ll find something to love as you venture out into the great unknown in your Wilderness travel trailer.

Heartland North Trail

With space for 8 people (depending on the floorplan you purchase), the North Trail ranges between 21′ and 36′ in length and boasts an incredible living space and construction that is sure to last for years. In fact, everything from the designer furniture to hardwood cabinet doors and drawers to bronze hardware are sure to keep you comfortable and feeling like you’re living in luxury vacation home. And, thanks to Heartland’s unique design, this travel trailer is lightweight and sure to save you on fuel, so you can take more vacations throughout the year.

Heartland Sundance

These travel trailers can accommodate up to 9 people and reach up to 35′ in length. A maximum of 3 slides allow you to expand your living space when parked and turns your RV into the size of an apartment. Features like solid surface countertops, high back dinette chairs, and plush recliners all lend to the residential feel of the interior. The 88 degree turning radius means you can maneuver the Sundance around tight camping spots, which are usually the ones that have the best views!

If any of these travel trailers sound great or you’re looking for a great selection of travel trailers for sale in Texas, contact us for help. With 8 locations in Texas, we’re sure to have something that meets your need at a location that’s near you.


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