Here's A Great Campsite To Consider


This time of year has many of us researching and planning for our next trip in our favorite Texas RV. If you are anything like me you know this is a very exciting time but you also know it can be a lot of work! The preparation of your trip involves hours of planning and budgeting! I like to travel to places that have been recommended to me by customers, friends, family, or travel sites. This campsite I want to tell you about has been recommended to me by all of the above! It is called Lazy L&L Campground and it’s situated on the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels, TX.

One reason I think this campsite is such a winner is because it is currently and has always been family friendly. Even though sometimes the Guadalupe River is known to get loud and rowdy, this campsite prides itself on being respectful to everyone including children. It has been operating in this manner since 1972, and has formed many repeat customers because of it. The campground sits on 25 acres and, according to USA today from June 3, 2011, ” it is set in a scenic Texas hill country setting and on the best scenic route in Texas.” Can’t beat that now can you! If you have never traveled to New Braunfels and driven along River Road you are in for a surprise! It’s spectacular.

L&L Campground also prides itself on the fact that (according to their website) they have never run out of room! Their large campsite has always allowed them to be accommodating to everyone! As far as activities go, this campsite has it all. A warm Texas day will be perfect for floating the Guadalupe river! Be a little lazy, and enjoy some quality time with your family. New Braunfels has recently been in the spotlight for creating stricter laws on what is allowed on the rivers. The Comal river and parts of the Guadalupe in the city limits now limit their guests to bringing certain types of containers, and no bottles or cans what so ever. Luckily this “can ban” doesn’t apply to the L&L campground because this part of the river is not in city limits! The campsite does however always remind it’s customers to be kind to the river for fear of that happening to all areas of the river. After you take a float down the river there are many other activities nearby for you to partake in. There are several golf courses, the ever famous Schlitterbahn water park, Texas Ski Ranch, Gruene (GREAT dining, wine tasting, fun activities, shopping, and more!), music venues, and more! While you are in New Braunfels there are also a few other places I want to recommend:

1. Granzines BarBQ (get a sweet tea)

2. Cooper’s BarBQ

3. Pat’s Place Restaurant

3. Buccees (largest one ever built)

4. Union Street Station (located right next to Schlitterbahn, they have the best breakfast)


Next time you plan on taking a trip to a Texas City in your favorite Texas recreational vehicle consider trying L&L Campground in New Braunfels. Let us know what you think!

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