How to Get Your Mail When You're on the Road Texas RVers!

If you’re thinking of being on the road for good amount of time or are thinking of going to full-time RVing, how are you going to get your mail? Sure, a lot of things can now be done via the internet like banking and paying bills, but what about that new debit card you’re expecting in the mail? Or a letter from your Aunt. Yes, people still write letters, though it is a lost art if I do say so myself!

One obvious way to get your mail is to have someone collect it for you at your bricks and sticks home, package it up and send it to your latest and greatest camping location.

If you’re a full-time RVer with no bricks and sticks home then you can pick a ‘home base’ and get a private mail box (PMB) there where you can have of your mail sent to. There are benefits to picking a good state to have your home base in. For example, Florida is state that has no state personal income tax. Another state to look at is Nevada as they also are a very tax-friendly state.

If you’re able to check your mail every few weeks or so, then, a mail forwarding service is for you!  But, if you’re on a long haul trip then you can contact the mail service to let them know that you’ll be on the road and they can forward your mail to you.  This is usually done by addressing the mail to Your Name c/o General Delivery. This is very important to know because with this address plus city, state and zip your mail will be sent to the main post office in the town you’re staying at. And it’s best to contact the local post office to see if they accept General Delivery. You can do this by calling USPS or checking out their website.

There are a lot of companies out there that offer mail forwarding services so it’s important to find one that understands your needs and how you are not usually in the same place for very long. If you are in a RV club, then you should check with them to see if they offer any type of mail service.

If you are a full-time RVer what mail forwarding service do you use? And before you hit the road, swing by any conveniently located ExploreUSA RV Super Center today!

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