How to Go Green in Your Texas RV

While it may sound complicated, going green in your Texas travel trailer or fifth wheel is actually really simple. Most people automatically think solar panels when they hear the term ‘going green’, but there are actually a bunch of small things we can do in our day-to-day Texas RV lives that can help our environment.

Some of you may already be doing things the green way without even knowing it! Let’s check out a few things we can do to start making an impact.

Hang up that laundry! It’s summertime… in Texas. When you’re at a campsite, hang up your laundry. It won’t take as long as you think to dry, I promise!

Use rechargeable batteries.  This one will actually cost you more upfront because you will need to buy a solar recharger, but over time you’ll save a ton by not having to purchase batteries. When the battery runs out, simply put them in the sun. The easiest thing to do is put them in on your dashboard as you head down the road.

Use tote bags. Have you ever seen the option to buy a tote/cloth bag in line at the supermarket or any other store for that matter? Start buying them! They are usually no more than $2 and you can eliminate the use of plastic bags all together. I’ve even found that groceries are much easier to carry than those small plastics ones that tend to tear easily.

Dishes. If you already have a full set of dishes in your RV, use them. Try to eliminate buy paper products as much as possible. Another tip: clean off your dishes right after a meal. Once they sit around for awhile, they become harder to wash and usually require a lot of hot water.

Bottled water. There are too many types of waters filters to count. You can buy ones that attach directly to your sink, pitchers that you fill up and put in the refrigerator, personal use water bottles, etc. Try to quit buying bottled water. Besides, we’ve all heard that bottled water companies use tap water anyway, haven’t we?

These things don’t sound so difficult, now do they? Stay tuned to ExloreUSA for even more ways you can go green in your Texas RV.


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