How To Make An RV Floorplan Work For you

floorplanLet’s face it. Not every floorplan is created equal. Some are better for large families who need a lot of living space, while others are ideal for retired couples who are looking to enjoy making memories together as they enjoy the benefits of having worked for years and years. While RVing is popular because it can fit everyone’s lifestyle, there are times when you’re shopping where you find a floorplan that might not be perfect, but is incredibly affordable. This is fairly common when RVers are looking for a used RV, but can also happen when browsing new RVs as well.

What should you do if you come across a floorplan that might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but is a great price and could possibly work? The first and most important step is to not buy it. Take some time to really think about whether this can work. Embrace the “if it’s meant to be” mentality. If you’re meant to have the RV it’ll be yours, if not there is something better out there.

When you started your search for an RV you likely made a list of what you must have in your RV and what you’re willing to compromise on. When considering a floorplan that deviates from your list think about why you initially listed something as a must have. Is it something that will make life in your RV easier or is it just something that you thought you needed, but now realize it isn’t that big of a deal? For example, if you put a kitchen island on your list because you prefer to have an open floorplan that also accommodates mobility you probably do not want to compromise, however, if you put an island on your list because it looks nice, compromising might be more worthwhile.

If the floorplan you’re looking at is a super steal, we’re talking thousands and thousands of dollars saved, you might want to consider purchasing it and looking at how it can be modified to meet the needs of your lifestyle. The living room might include 2 chairs when you’d prefer a sofa. Look at how the chairs are installed in the RV and determine whether you can remove them and install a sofa. You might also be able to sell the chairs to make a little money that can be put toward the purchase of a sofa. It’s also fairly easy to switch out a booth dinette for a free standing dinette. Similarly, if an RV you’re looking at doesn’t have the best decor you can easily switch out things like curtains and valances to add your own personal touch.

Purchasing a floorplan that isn’t exactly what you had in mind when you first started your search isn’t something that you should rule out as an option. Oftentimes you can find a floorplan that is different from your expectations that might be able to be tweaked to meet your lifestyle, however, before you decide to take on the task of tweaking the RV truly consider whether this is something that you’ll like doing.

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