How to Make a Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner in an RV

If you’ve ever used the oven in your Texas RV, you know a whole turkey is not going to fit in there. But, you can still create a traditional Thanksgiving dinner while camping in your used RV Texas! Most people have a long weekend for Thanksgiving, and that is the perfect time to take off for a camping trip if you generally celebrate the holiday alone. Stop at an RV dealer Dallas for any extra amenities that you may need before you pack for your trip.

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In addition to packing the normal things you’d usually pack, be sure to pack the Thanksgiving food, or plan to stop at a grocery on the way to your campsite. So you’re not worrying about frozen pies thawing out, bring the ingredients for Hypocrite Apple Pie with you.

For the turkey, you have a couple of choices. If baked turkey is your be-all-end-all-I-have-to-have-it on Thanksgiving, you can buy turkey breasts. Two of them will fit nicely in the smaller RV ovens.

If you haul a grill around with you, you can also cook a turkey on the grill. You may have to remove the top warmer shelf to get it to fit, but a four-burner grill should hold a smaller turkey. Turn the two right burners on and adjust them until the inside is the appropriate temperature for baking a turkey. Set the turkey in its pan over the other two burners.

Some people prefer to fry a turkey. If you like fried turkey, bring the turkey fryer with you. Make sure you bring plenty of oil for the fryer.

Cook the side dishes on the RV stove. If you run out of space, you can use the side burner on your grill. Some RVs also have an outdoor kitchen — make use of it! You can easily make the Hypocrite Apple Pie in your RV’s oven. For that matter, if you must have both apple and pumpkin, you can easily make a pumpkin pie in the RV’s oven.

Decorate the RV with autumn and Thanksgiving decorations, and you’ll have all the “fixings” and ambience of a Thanksgiving dinner made at home.

So, it may be a little “early” to start planning for your Thanksgiving meal but at least you will be prepared! Start thinking and planning now, and when November 22nd comes you will be ready to relax and enjoy your company in your new or used Texas RV!


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