How to Safely Handle a Tire Blowout in Your RV Texas!

The tires on your Airstream travel trailer, Carriage fifth-wheel or motorhome are super important to maintain and check on a regular basis.  Doing these routine checks and repairs will help prevent you from the not so great possibilities of tire failures such as flats or even blowouts. If you’ve experienced a tire blowout before you know how stressful the situation can be.  We hope that no one has to go through the experience of a tire blowout, however you should be prepared as to how to handle one should it happen. Here are some great tips and definitely check out the great video below.

You will always want to inspect your tires for any problems.  The best way to avoid a blowout is to prevent one. Like I mentioned above, this includes routine maintenance. You should also always inspect your tires before you hit the road.

Check the age of your tires. Tires usually last up to eight years on the high end. If you are not sure when your tires were made then check the sidewall for the four digit code. The first two numbers represent the week of the year it was made and the second two numbers represent the year. For example a tire with the date code 1010 would have been made in March (the tenth week of the year), 2010. A little confusing, if you ask me, but it is what it is.  If you check your sidewalls for a date code and all you can come up with is a three digit code then you should get new tires as soon as possible. The four-digit code went into effect in 2000 so your tires are really old.

Here’s a great video explaining how to handle a blowout:

The main causes of blowouts are from overload or under-inflation.  Make sure your weight is within the weight limits and

If you find yourself in a tire blowout situation here is what you should do to maintain control:

  • Step on the accelerator, this allows you to maintain control
  • Correct the direction of the steering

Here are things what you should not do:

  • Slam on the brakes
  • Take your foot off the accelerator

You do not need to gain excessive speed. The goal it maintain control and proceed in the direction of where you are going. Once you have control over the RV you can then decide when and where to pull over.  These rules apply to both a front and a rear tire blowout as well as any type of automobile or recreational vehicle Texas.  The only difference between the two is the feeling of the actual blowout.

Prevention is the best bet for a blowout though it is not a guarantee. If you want your tires checked out or need a new set, come by any ExploreUSA RV Supercenter.

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