Importance of Keeping the Exterior of RV Clean

Like any other type of investment whether it be a vehicle, a brick and sticks house, a boat, retirement funds, etc., maintenance is always required.  And this is true for your recreational vehicle too. One often overlooked maintenance aspect of a recreational vehicle TEXAS is the exterior. That is unless it’s obviously covered in dirt and mud, but even then, sometimes owners don’t think it is necessary to clean it off. Possibly because cleaning it seems like such a big job. We’re not going to sugar coat it, because it is a big job, but with a few extra helping hands and a pressure washer, washing the RV can be an easier job.

If you are going to use a pressure washer there a few things you need to aware of. First, stay away from pressure washing any decals on the RV as this can damage them if you are not familiar with how to properly pressure wash them.  Second, you’ll want to take extra care when pressure washing the roof when it comes to washing around the roof fixtures.

Determine if your RV has a metal body or a fiberglass body.  Note, if you have an Airstream, you should contact your dealer as special detergents are necessary. However if you have painted metal body just about any type of car wash solution you choose. If you have a fiberglass RV then we suggest using a high quality wash and wax product.

You will also want to clean and protect the gaskets on the RV. Use a silicone-based spray cleaner and protectant on these gaskets to keep them protected from the sun.

And you can’t forget to clean the rims of your RV!  Determine if they are aluminum or chrome. If you have chrome rims then you may have a clear coat on them that is susceptible to being scratched if you use the wrong brush. Use the correct type of wheel cleaner that matches the type of wheel you have.

For any questions or if you need any cleaning supplies come by any ExploreUSA RV Center today!

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