Keep Cool in Your RV This Summer

If you’re planning to do a lot of camping in your RV this summer, think of creative ways to beat the heat. While running your AC is one way to do that, there are also a few products you can purchase to keep your RV cooler and also protect it from sun damage, and I will discuss some here. Don’t hesitate to call or stop in to your favorite Texas RV dealer for more tips and information about keeping your RV cool during the dog days of summer.


If you don’t already have them, consider purchasing some awnings for your RV windows. Not only do awnings protect your RV from sun damage and heat, but they’re also quite attractive. I think they can really add visual appeal to your RV, and it also allows you to personalize your RV to make it feel more like home. We carry several types of awnings in the Explore USA online store, as well as all the accessories you need to repair and maintain your product.

Covers and Shades

If you plan to park your RV for a while, don’t forget to bring your windshield cover. Windshield covers block out UV rays and keep the glass on your windshield from the heat. In addition to awnings, you can also protect your windows with RV shades and screens. We carry screens for your windows, skylights, screen doors, and even ceiling vents.

Air Conditioning

Of course, AC is the easiest way to stay cool in your RV. Make sure you service your AC regularly to keep it working properly. Clean the AC before you leave, and clean all the vents about once a month during high usage season. To give your AC a break, use fans in the cooler morning and evening hours.

With a few simple items and good maintenance practices, your RV will be an oasis during the hot summer months. If you have any questions about your RV’s cooling system, stop at one of our many Texas locations in Austin, Boerne, Canton, Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, San Antonio, or Seguin. Hope to see you soon!

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