Light Weight Vs. Ultra-Lite Travel Trailers: What Is the Difference?

We all want to save money. That is one reason Light Weight and Ultra Light Travel Trailers are gaining in popularity and selection. Because these travel trailers weigh less, they cost less in fuel to tow and don’t require a heavy duty truck.

Heartland North Trail Travel Trailer
Heartland North Trail Travel Trailer

But what does light weight and ultra-lite really mean?

Each year RV manufacturers develop new construction methods and materials to be both lighter than their predecessors while still retaining, if not surpassing, prior models in strength. It’s these changes, such as aluminum framing, a fiberglass exterior, and advanced slideout technology that can really make a difference as far as weight is concerned. Generally lightweight travel trailers are considered 6,000 pounds dry weight or less.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the RV has to be smaller. For example, the Heartland Wilderness 2475BH 28′ 9″ bunkhouse sleeps 8 but still only weighs around 5,500 pounds.

Heartland Wilderness Travel TrailerUltra-Lite travel trailers take this a step further. The towability of an RV doesn’t just depend on the overall dry weight, it also has to do with the way the wind hits the trailer while being towed. That’s where aerodynamic features come into play, like a specially designed front cap which allows the RV to cut through the wind easier and an enclosed underbelly so wind is less likely to get caught up in the underside while moving at high speeds.

Rockwood Mini Lite Travel trailer
Rockwood Mini Lite Travel Trailer

Interiors can get a light weight makeover as well. Innovative materials in flooring, cabinets and decorative accents can be used in place of heavier ones to save on weight.

Finally size, plays a part as well. Ultra-lite travel trailers tend to be more nimble and compact. Despite a smaller footprint, these little campers are equipped with everything you need to have a comfortable camping experience.

To find a Light Weight or Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer that’s right for you, Contact Us at ExploreUSA RV or visit us at one of Our Many Locations and an RV specialist will help you find just the right RV at just the right price.


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