Make Your ExploreUSA RV Pet Friendly

When you first get that new Texas RV from your friendly Texas RV dealer, you know you can’t wait to load up the family and the pets and head out on your first trip. But, before you do that, you must make your ExploreUSA RV pet friendly. Making a Texas RV pet friendly is easier than child proofing or pet proofing a house because of the latches on the cabinets, but there are still some things you must do before letting your pet roam around inside.

Pet Proofing for Dogs: Pet proofing for dogs is easier than pet proofing for other animals. RVs have latches so that all cupboards and other appliances stay closed while the RV is in motion, so you don’t have to worry about those — even for a dog that can nose a door open. If your dog knows how to grab a handle and pull a cabinet open, be sure to put an extra latch and clasp on any cabinets with poison and food in them if the dog can reach them.

Pet proofing your RV is important to keep pets safe while traveling. Make sure you pet proof all areas. Photo Credit: ExploreUSA RV Supercenter

Dogs love to counter surf, especially larger dogs. Make sure you keep nothing on the counter that can harm your dog if it is prone to counter surfing. Keep the toilet lid closed, especially if your dog loves to do the nasty and drink out of the toilet.

Pet Proofing for Cats: Pet proofing for cats is a little different. Cats generally like to climb on counters, open cabinets to hide and jump on furniture. Cabinets should not be a problem as long as the clasps are strong. Be sure you keep anything that can harm a cat off the counters, including knives, chemicals and foods — especially foods a cat should not have.

Sometimes furniture is built into the RV. You don’t want the cat using it as a scratching post. If your cat is prone to scratching, you may want to affix a piece of carpet to areas where the cat may scratch so it doesn’t ruin your interior. RVs also have cabinets that reach all the way to the floor — you will want to protect the bottom of those cabinets, too.

You should never leave your pets alone in the RV while you leave the area. Bring them with you. If it’s hot outside, the air conditioning could fail and the RV could quickly become too hot.

You will feel comfortable knowing your four legged friends are accompanying you on your Texas RV trip! As long as you take some precautions and pre-plan for your pet it will be a great trip!

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