Making Spending Cash While On The Road!

Those who live in their RV full time may like or need to make a little extra spending cash, or even some cash to help support their lifestyles. Whether you are in a used RV Texas or you just bought a new RV Texas for a brand new adventure, stop by a Texas RV dealership before you head out or during your trip if you are in Texas. You can replenish supplies and get parts and service for things that broke or wore out.

Idea #1: Knit or crochet items to sell. You can sell hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, socks, sweater or throws to other campers. If you are in an area with a craft fair, you can also register for a space in a craft fair or a weekend space at a flea market. If you have the space, you can also do afghans.

Idea #2: Create wood carvings. If you are boondocking or camping in woody areas, look for fallen branches or chunks of wood that you can shape into walking sticks , key holders and other small items.

You can do many things to make some extra cash while boondocking your way across the country. Photo Credit: Cheryl B.

Idea #3: Take photographs for publications. You may be able to sell some of them to certain publications. Some newspapers also buy feature articles from non-staff writers. If you don’t have a laptop and Internet service in your RV, you can write it long hand, type it at a computer at a local library, then submit it by hand delivery or upload it from the library’s computer.

Idea #4: Volunteer at the RV park where you are staying. This idea won’t get you direct cash, but it can help you cover the cost of your site if you are in an RV park. Depending on how many hours you put in, it could cover your entire stay at the park.

Idea #5: Create a blog. This is not a get-rich-quick method of making money, but if you pay attention to your blog and post at least every other day, you will get followers. If you monetize your blog, you’ll make some money off that.

While most of these ideas are for part time work and part time finds, all of them could be converted to full time jobs, though who wants to work full time when you’re supposed to be enjoying living in your RV?

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