Mapping Your Journey

Have you visited the RoadTrippers website? The crowdsourced platform allows users to map their road trip destinations and share their favorite routes with other users. Travelers can choose from a collection of maps plotted out with the best restaurants and attractions, or enter in their own starting point and destination to build a personalized map. The site uses the information from previous users to map out the most scenic routes and plot fun stops along the way.

Whether you’re into quirky roadside attractions (and who isn’t?) or are looking for the most photogenic scenery along the way, you can design an adventure that is all your own. And the best part? The site is free to use, just pay it forward by adding a few fun plots of your own.

ExploreUSA Locations Map
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ExploreUSA RV Supercenter on Roadtrippers

Confession time! We’ve been spending WAY too much time on the site today discovering some great pit stops between our eight ExploreUSA Supercenter locations. We’re loving finding new spots to wander through, and rediscovering iconic Texas spots that we haven’t visited lately…Little Czech Bakery in Waco, we’re on our way! And did you know there is a Cathedral of Junk in Austin? So many fun trips ahead. We are so ready, 2016!

What’s your favorite way to map out your road trips? Let us know in the comments!

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