Maximizing Space In Your RV

You might have more space in your Texas RV than you realize. Just like at home, a bit of rearranging can transform the space you have in your RV. Here at Explore USA, we want our clients to have the best experience possible in their new home away from home, which is why we’ve collected this list of helpful tips and tricks to keep your RV organized from top to bottom.


A Place For Everything

The first step to successful organization is to set aside a spot for everything you need during your stay in your RV. Scope out all the cabinet and drawer space in your RV and plan where you will put all the items you plan to bring. This way, you’ll know if you need additional organizational items, like bookshelves or dressers.

Now That Everything Has a Place…

The next step is to keep everything in its place! This is obvious, but often harder than it sounds. To keep everything in place, consider labeling some drawers and cabinet doors so that everyone in the RV knows what goes where. Every night before you go to bed, do a quick run through to make sure that all the clothes, books, magazines, electronics, and other items are in the right place.

Organizational Tools

If you’re still having a hard time finding a place for everything in your RV, check out the Explore USA online shop. We’ve got several items to keep you organized on the road, including table accessories, cup holders, and magazine racks. And don’t forget about the ceiling space in your RV, as well as the room you have on the RV exterior, which you can use for some storage like bicycle racks.

Maximizing the space in your RV will help you stay organized on the road. And we all know that an organized, clutter-free RV is much more relaxing and comfortable than a chaotic mess. Happy camping from all of us here at Explore USA! Please let us know if you have more ideas on staying organized and maximizing the space in your RV.

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