More invaluable RV tips for you Texas RVers!

Many of us remember back to the time when we were first introduced to the RV lifestyle. Maybe it was when we were kids and we went camping in the summers with our families. Or maybe we had to wait until we were parents ourselves before we were lucky enough to buy our own fifth wheel, trailer or motorhome.

Regardless of when we began enjoying the RV lifestyle, we can never get enough good advice to make our vacation experiences all the more enjoyable.

I found these great tips at and thought I should pass them along to you.

  • Place a carpet sample at the base and one at the top of your entry steps. This will help  keep dirt and moisture out of your rig.
  •  Have a list to remind yourself  what you need to do for setting up and leaving.
  •  Have disposable rubber gloves to use during sewer hookups and dumping.
  • Re-package boxed foods in zip lock bags to save space on your pantry shelves.
  •  Always check your headlight, signal and brake light before starting out.
  • Place a sprung-loaded shower bar inside your shower to hang wet towels.
  •  Put a pizza stone (inexpensive kind) or a ceramic tile under rack of propane oven to help distribute heat more evenly.
  • Try mothballs for ants, spiders and other insects.
  •  Save money by buying things out of season like antifreeze.
  •  Use bottled water on the road. You don’t know what the water is like where you stay.
  •  Do a basic safely check of your LP system regularly.

I hope these tips can help you create a more consistent and enjoyable RVing experience while you are out on the road. Advice from other seasoned RVers are usually the most valuable advice you can find.

If you have any other valuable RVing tips, please share them with us. If you find that you need some RV parts or supplies, check out our online store or give one of our service departments a call.

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