Mountain Bike During Your Next RV Trip Texas!

Many RVers truly enjoy the outdoors, which is why so many of us have RVs in the first place.  There are numerous outdoor activities to do all across the country, but for those who are interested in a great time, with wonderful scenery, and an excellent workout, I suggest you head to the mountains and hit up the ski trails.  Ski resorts during the summer can be just as fun as a hitting up the ski trails during the winter.  Ski trails during the summer?  Yes, you read this correctly.  In addition to the many great activities and wonderful dining found in many of these skiing communities, they have great mountain biking trails in the summer.   Obviously the name says it all.  Mountain biking requires mountains and the ski trails can provide great riding trails for mountain biking.

If this sounds interesting, but you are not sure that mountain biking is your thing, many areas have shops where you can rent bikes for the day.  This is a great way to get out and try your hand at mountain biking without having to commit big bucks to purchase a quality mountain bike (some of the higher end bikes cost multiple thousands of dollars!).  If you do end up really liking this sport, and want to purchase your own mountain bike, the great thing is that they obviously can attach to the back of your RV and go everywhere with you with ease.

In addition to renting the bike, you can also rent all of the appropriate safety gear such as helmets, guards, etc.  Many of the ski resorts also provide ski lift passes and even lessons.  You also can go on guided tours or venture out on your own.  All of this can be done at a fairly reasonable cost and is a ton of fun.

Obviously if you are on ski trails, you are doing downhill biking , but if that seems a bit extreme for you you can also go the cross country route or trail riding that is not as steep.  All of the various forms of mountain biking are a lot of fun, and it is a great way to get out with your friends and family and enjoy the outdoors while getting a heck of an exercise routine in.

Check out MountainBikeTX for a great list of mountain biking trails throughout Texas. All you have to do is load up the bikes on the RV and hit the road!

So, next time you are heading out on a RV trip and want to try a new outdoor activity, try your hand at mountain biking.  As always, have fun and most importantly read up further on tips to be safe while mountain biking.  Be sure to stop by any ExploreUSA RV Supercenter for all of your RVing needs!

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