Part-Time Work for Full-Time RVers

The majority full-time RVers on the road today are retired. This is what gives those of you who are “full time”, the ability to have enough time to get out and explore this vast country in your RV. However, if you think you might need a little more income, surprisingly, there are many job opportunities for people who always have a different postal code as their temporary address. How can you find a job that is consistent,throughout the year if you are not in the same city?  Advanced technology, of course!  With the addition of Wi-Fi in RV parks, the options are almost limitless.

With Internet and phone service, all kinds of “virtual” jobs are available without a physical office. These types of work include a virtual assistant, virtual classroom teacher, virtual sales account manager, virtual receptionist, and virtual data entry staff.  You may also be surprised by the level of income for many of these positions.

If you are not technologically savvy and the Internet is not your thing, you might be interested in “work camp” or run a campsite. This is usually seasonal work, but it gives a little income and a place to camp for a longer period of time. The duties of this position ranges from camping to a maintenance manager in a business park for recreational vehicles. There is also often part-time positions near the RV parks in places like golf courses, if this is more your style.

The Golden Years can stay golden with  pieces of  additional income, so do not let your wallet slow you down in the prusit of living your dream as a full-time RVer.  You can RV full time and still earn income in many situations!  If you have any work suggestions you’d like to share, please comment below or stop by ExploreUSA RV Supercenter today!

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