Prepping for a Fall Hunting Trip

Whether you, as a wife, go on a hunting trip, or your husband takes the guys, you want to be prepared. You probably won’t be spending much time in your used RV Texas or your brand new Fort Worth RV, so you’ll want to have meals that are warm for the cool nights, yet easy to prepare. You’ll also want to pack your Texas RV accordingly so you won’t have to be bothered with going to the store and interrupting your hunting trip.

Clothing: Be sure to pack enough clothing. If you have a washer and dryer in your RV, then packing enough isn’t a major concern, but if not, and you don’t want to hit up the Laundromat, make sure you have some extra clothing. If you are hunting in the snow, your clothing may get wet. You’ll want to change as soon as you get back so you can keep warm. Be sure to bring plenty of long johns, flannel shirts and warm socks.

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Easy-to-Prep Food: Before you leave, you can make your favorite fall comfort food dishes and freeze them in the appropriate portion sizes. Put the portions in quart-sized freezer zipper bags as they lay flat. You’ll be able to pack more into the freezer and refrigerator. Great meals that freeze good are American Chop Suey, beef or chicken and gravy over bread, beef stew and ham ‘n lima beans. If you make the meals ahead of time, you can simply take them out of the freezer in the morning, and they’ll be thawed when you get back from the hunting trip.

Beverages: Be sure to bring plenty of hot cocoa, even if you are a coffee or soda drinker. When you come back after traipsing around the woods all day, you’ll want a hot drink that will give you energy. Make sure you pack some mini-marshmallows and whipped cream to go on top of the hot cocoa.

Weapons and Ammo: Make sure you have the proper hunting license. If you are unfamiliar with a state’s hunting rules, be sure you are hunting in the proper season. Most states have deer season in mid to late November. If you want to hunt bear, boar and deer, and all are in season, be sure that the hunting license you buy is for everything you want to hunt.

Furthermore, be sure the weapon you choose is in season. Bow season is at a different time than gun season for most states. Moreover, don’t forget to bring enough ammunition! You’d be really upset with yourself if you have to waste valuable hunting hours to go to the store for ammo.

Have fun and be safe! When do you plan on going hunting this season?

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