Purchasing a New RV? Here are Some Tips on the Different Siding Types.

Purchasing a RV is a big decision.  It’s pretty much purchasing a second home, or if you’re going into full-time RVing it may be your only home. Regardless, like any other big purchase you need to find the RV that is right for you like the layout, are you going to tow a travel trailer or fifth wheel and if so can your vehicle handle it or are you going to try for a motorhome. There are tons of factors to consider, and one of these is your RVs siding. Siding is basically the outside walls of your recreational vehicle Texas. This helps to protect the RV as well as gives different appearances. The type of siding you get is a big decision so you needs to know all that you can about the pros and cons of each before you can make an informed decision.

The two main choices when it comes to choosing RV siding will be between aluminum or fiberglass. And when it comes to aluminum there are two more options you are faced with, which is a seamless design or corrugated siding panels. Though the seamless may look better to some, it is much more expensive to repair as you would have to replace the entire ‘skin’ of the RV whereas with the siding panels, you would just need to replace the damaged panels.

Then there is the look of fiberglass which is a very smooth look and are fitted with effective insulation materials.  In comparison to aluminum siding, fiberglass siding can up to one third more in weight.  And recreational vehicles with fiber glass also tend to cost more than their aluminum counterparts. Depending on if your vehicle can tow the weight and your budget either could be a fit for you. Fiberglass siding can come painted  as well as sporting some paint or taped-on graphics. It is said that fiberglass that is painted will have more protection from harmful UV rays, however the technology on fiberglass is making this less and less true. Like aluminum siding, fiberglass siding also comes in smooth and corrugated designs.

Choosing the correct siding for your RV is a big decision, so if you have any questions or concerns just talk with one of our guys at any ExploreUSA RV Super Center today.

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