Remembering the Real Reason for Memorial Day… Some Ideas on How to Celebrate

Here at ExploreUSA RV, we love Memorial Day. What a perfect opportunity to kick off the summer by getting away and having fun with friends and family. Campers all over the country use the long weekend for a chance to go camping and relax by barbecuing, playing outdoors and taking a little extra time to enjoy life.

But, it’s important to remember why we celebrate this holiday by offering our support to veterans as well as the current men and women serving our country. If it weren’t for these brave soldiers fighting for our country, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the level of freedom that we do today.

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Here are some small ways to help us remember what Memorial Day is about.

Memorial Day Parades

What better way to show your support than joining the community and attending a parade! Bring a little flag to wave as members of your community join together and celebrate the men and women who make this country what it is today.

Decorate Your Camper

Get out the Red, White and Blue awning lights, banners, streamers, flags, stars and stripes themed decorations to help celebrate and inspire others to remember those that fought for our country.

Get creative and make it a family activity. The kids will have a blast making fun crafts like cutting out sparkly stars or making tissue paper red, white and blue flowers to hang inside and outside.

Hand Out Carnations

Do you know a veteran? One nice way to show your appreciation is handing out flowers. It doesn’t have to be a huge expense, just a little something to say thank you.

For example, red, white and blue carnations are a nice gesture for members of your community who were or are currently involved with the military. This could even include men and women you might not know personally, such as people you see in uniform at a parade. Or, stop by a military cemetery and leave flowers for a veteran in commemoration.

Light a Candle

As a way to pay homage to the fallen soldiers, prisoners of war or unknown soldiers, have a candle light for the duration of the day (In a safe spot with a large dish underneath to catch drippings). Or maybe even have three candles, red white and blue.

What are some ways you commemorate Memorial Day?

Contact Us at Explore USA RV and share some of your ideas. We’d love to hear them!


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