Remodel the Inside of Your RV Texas!


Just as our homes often require a remodel after aging and being used, worn out, and outdated inside over time, so too do RVs.  Obviously, RVs get used and the interior can get worn down after several years of wear and tear.  In addition, the interior parts of a RV change in appearance over the years, so you may feel your RV’s interior has an outdated look and not the contemporary feel you are looking for.    You may also desire to add conveniences not currently found in your older RV or increase your storage or living space.  A remodel might be just the ticket to get your RV back to looking and feeling like new without having to buy a new RV.

Prior to starting any remodel job on your RV, I recommend you first find out what you want to change to improve the aesthetics or the functionality of your RV.  You can do this by looking at pictures in RV magazines or by visiting a RV dealer and looking at their new models to determine what you’d like to change to make your older RV more modern and efficient.

Once the actual remodel works begins, the first step is to remove any parts you no longer want.  Be sure to fix or update any plumbing or electrical issues which may have been caused during the removal or which are needed for any of the new items you wish to install during the remodel.

New appliances can have a more modern look to them and can often times be more efficient than older models.  This is one easy way to update your RV and it is fairly easy to remove the old appliances and replace them with new ones.   Just make sure you install these to the manufacturer’s specifications if you are installing them yourself.

New furniture can also really enhance the look of your RV Texas.  New sofas, dinettes, recliners, sectionals or even captain’s chairs can turn your RV into a modern looking RV overnight.  If you’d prefer to save a bit of money and not replace your existing furniture, you can simply reupholster your existing furniture to give it a new look.

One of the first areas in a house that most people remodel is the kitchen.  New cabinetry, countertops, sinks, and lighting can give your RV the more modern look you desire.  New cabinets not only improve the look of your RV, but can also increase space which is so important in a RV.  In addition, a new kitchen may also be more functional for those of you who like to spend a lot of time cooking.

Another nice touch can be to remove the old flooring currently in your RV and replace it as well.  You will obviously need to pull up the old flooring and then replace with the new.  Other little things that can make a big difference are window treatments and a fresh coat of paint on the interior walls (you can also install new panels).

If you are feeling like your RV interior needs a “facelift” either because it has gotten wore out over the years, or simply because you want a more modern look, a remodel is a cost effective way to make your RV look and feel new.  Take your time to figure out what you want to change and then work within your budget to update your RV to your desires; you’ll be glad you did!

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