RV Fun and Games

Not everything is driving and riding toys around — there are some times a family may want to have some fun and relaxation at the campsite. Whether you want to play games inside on a rainy day or you just want to have fun at the campsite, keeping some games on hand helps you pass the time and relax at the same time. All these games are small enough to fit into the toy hauler or travel trailer.

Bagball Lawn Game

The Bagball Lawn Game is two games in one. One side has the classic bean bag toss and the other has the Big League Bagball game, which is just like baseball. The game includes the target board, bean bags and scoring clips. Both games are fun for the whole family and neighbor campers.


The Bagball Game can be fun for a family or as a conversation starter with neigboring campers.

Bulls Eye Outdoor Game

Players ages eight and over toss washers at the bulls eye target. Each player scores points for getting the washers in the box. The first player or team to get to 21 wins the game. This is another game for fun at the campsite, especially if your camp and neighbor campers are barbecuing together — you can play the game while the food is cooking.


The Bulls Eye Outdoor Game as a game of skill that could be used to pass the time.

Indoor Games

Choose from many indoor card games and board games to pass the time if the weather is too bad to play outside. Games like Uno and other card games played with a regular deck of cards can make the time pass quickly, especially if you get together with neighbor campers.

Ball Games

Bring a football with you to toss around. It doesn’t take much space in the RV and can be a conversation starter with shy neighboring campers. Or it’s just great fun if you have kids who like to play football. Often campgrounds have open fields. A volleyball and net do not take much space. A soccer ball is also a good option for fun games if the campground you visit has an open field.

Next time you swing by ExploreUSA RV Super Center, ask what games our employees like to play while camping!

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