RV Guest House: Using Your RV For Holiday Visitors

RV Guest House For Christmas ExploreUSA RV KitchenYour RV Guest House Is Perfect For Family Visitors

We all know how convenient RVs are when it comes to traveling cross country to exciting new destinations. However, have you ever considered using your RV for housing guests?

The holidays gives us a chance to spend quality time with our family and friends. Using your camper as an RV guest house is a great way to extended your living space while also giving your holiday visitors extra room to stretch out and relax.

Here are a few tips for turning your fifth wheel, travel trailer or toy hauler into an inviting RV guest house.

RV Guest House For Christmas ExploreUSA RV Dining AreaStart With A Good Cleaning

Give your RV a good cleaning inside and out. Remove personal items such as clothes, bathroom items etc. Start your RV guest house transformation with a clean slate, just as if it was an extra guest room inside your home.

Stock the Fridge and Cupboards

Having a few cold beverages such as water or soft drinks stocked in the fridge will be much appreciated by your guests if they get thirsty during the evening. Have a coffee pot ready on the counter with a bag of fresh coffee nearby.

Stock the cupboards with some of your visitor’s favorite snacks. Nothing says holiday cheer like cookies and chocolates.

Try to think of your visitor’s needs ahead of time and have those items ready and easily accessible.

RV Guest House For Christmas ExploreUSA RVMake your RV Cozy and Inviting

Some tips on making your RV guest house extra welcoming include:

  • Provide cozy items such as a soft throw on the sofa or a pair of new slippers by the bed so your guests feel right at home.
  • Include a variety of pillow options in varying degrees of softness so your guests can choose their favorite.
  • A beautiful vase of fresh flowers adds a special touch to any room.
  • If your RV is equipped with a fireplace, this is the perfect opportunity to show it off. Turn the fireplace on ahead of your guests arrival so it radiates a warm glow as they step inside.


Provide some entertainment options for your guests such as new magazines, books, movies or games. Consider leaving a note with directions on how to use the remote control, TV, DVD/Music player and WiFi.

RV Guest House For Christmas ExploreUSA RV BathroomBathroom

Think of your RV guest house like an upscale hotel room. Pamper your visitors with a nice selection of new bathroom toiletries, decorative hand towels and plush bath towels. Stock the medicine cabinet with basics like headache medication, antacids, and band-aids. Also, make sure there’s enough RV safe toilet paper within easy reach.

After you’ve given your guests a tour, make sure they know that they are welcome at your house any time. Leave your door unlocked and the porch light on so your guests know that they are always welcome to spend time with the rest of the family. Most of all, don’t get too caught up in details. Have fun spending time with the ones you love!

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