Working From "Home" While on the Road

The RV lifestyle is something most people wish for, but can only often achieve after retirement. If a family has a “portable” income, the family could realize the RV dream before retirement. When choosing an RV that has to double as a work place, be sure to choose a spacious RV. If a person has a family of four, choose an RV that sleeps at least six, so there is room to set up an office. Many RVs have a writing desk where a computer could be set up.

A Texas RV dealer, ExploreUSA has several RVs with room to set up an office, including the Airstream RV Classic travel trailer. It sleeps six and has a writing table with storage, which would be perfect to set up a small office.

Working in close quarters could be distracting. The person working should be able to work through distractions, or may want to plug into a CD player with headphones. Play the music softly, and it will keep most distractions at bay.

For an Internet connection, the worker could choose any one of the satellite connections that move with the RV, or could use a smart phone connection. Many place also have free WiFi. As you travel around the great state of Texas, check for campgrounds with WiFi or close enough to a place with free WiFi for the best connection.

As a work-from-home person would do while working from a regular home, keep certain hours for work hours. It doesn’t matter when you decide to work, but set aside the time and let the family know that you should not be bothered during those hours. It is very easy to become distracted when neighboring campers stop by or if you decide you’d rather go hiking, biking, fishing or exploring the new campground.

RV Office Tips

  • To make things easier on yourself, instead of looking for post offices, you can use one of the online post offices to print postage for letters and packages.
  • Get a scanner/printer/copier all-in-one machine to save space.
  • Use a laptop with a full-size keyboard. You will have more room on the writing table, and, if weather permits, you could always bring the laptop outside to work in the fresh air.
  • Make sure you have enough office supplies and replenish whenever you stop for groceries, so you won’t have to make a special trip for them.

The Airstream RV Classic Limited offers a writing table.

The 2012 Airstream RV Classic Limited has space for a small office with a writing table.

The 2011 CrossRoads RV Zinger doesn’t have a separate writing desk, but because of the slide, it offers space for a small, portable desk that could be rolled in front of the sofa, then rolled out of the way when not in use.

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