RV Maintenance Checklist: An Ounce Of Prevention

RV Maintenance Checklist ExploreUSA RV Service10 Tips To Add To Your Preventative RV Maintenance Checklist

In order to keep your RV investment in tip top shape, it’s important to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. To prevent unexpected mechanical issues, it’s best to conduct a complete check over before trips as well as before and after long term storage.

Motorhome RV with Flat in DesertHere are 10 preventative tips to add to your RV maintenance checklist. With an ounce of prevention you can enjoy a long future of RV camping fun.

  1. Leaks – Check your seals and caulking regularly. Nothing will devastate an RV more than water damage. This includes checking the seals on the roof, around the slideouts, as well as the plumbing inside your RV including under sinks.
  2. Tires – Always check your tire pressure. Make sure the torque is correct on your lug nuts. Have your wheel bearings repacked periodically and make sure that your alignment is correct. Monitor your tires for dry rot and wear.
  3. A/C Unit – Test your Air Conditioner periodically to make sure you’re still getting cold air reliably. Clean or replace your filters regularly. This with help them to run more efficiently.
  4. Battery – Test the auxiliary battery’s state of charge, water level, cables and connections. If you are unfamiliar with lead acid batteries, it may be better to have this checked by your local RV Service Center.  
  5. Fire Control – Check and replace if needed fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide and LP gas leak detectors.
  6. Emergency Kit – Make sure you have an emergency kit and that everything is in good working order. Your emergency kit should include jumper cables, a high power flash light, extra batteries, a first aid kit, basic hand tools and warning devices.
  7. Hitch – Inspect your hitch and couplings for damage. Check the breakaway switch and pigtail for proper operation.
  8. Lights – Check all brake, turn and running lights and replace bulbs and needed.
  9. Mice – Check for evidence of mice.
  10. Covers – If you cover your RV during storage, check it periodically to make sure that it is not rubbing on the sidewalls and that there is no mildew collecting underneath.

If you have any RV maintenance checklist questions, ExploreUSA RV Supercenter has RV service centers located all throughout Texas. Contact Us for an easy RV repair quote today!RV Maintenance Checklist ExploreUSA RV Service

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