RV Service: Service Tips

While living the RV travel dream, the RV, travel trailer, fifth wheel or toy hauler may need service. ExploreUSA, an RV dealer in Texas, offers service for all RVs, travel trailers, fifth wheels and toy haulers, including Airstream, Coachmen and CrossRoads.

When living the RV lifestyle or even camping for a few weeks each year, things wear out or break. ExploreUSA has a service department and a parts department so that you can get the RV repaired quickly.

Keeping up with the maintenance could prevent having to have service each year on the RV or travel trailer.

  • Run water through the fresh water tank and water lines before going on the trip and when you return.
  • Before putting the RV into storage until the next trip, be sure the gray water tank and the black water tanks have been rinsed thoroughly. If you use a hose hookup for water, fill the water tanks before you dump the tanks for the last time. Hook up to the dumpsite and run the water through the faucets and the toilet to rinse out both tanks.
  • If there is gas in the generator add fuel stabilizer to the tank to keep the gas from gumming up the system.
  • Make sure everything is turned off, so that when you plug in next time, you don’t have power going to appliances or electronics as soon as you plug in.
  • Make sure all windows, hatches and sun lights are closed completely, so that water does not leak into the RV. If both sides of the outside storage bins are not secure, water could leak into the RV.

ExploreUSA’s technicians are experienced in repairs for RV electronics, including generator repairs, motherboard repairs and lighting repairs. Plumbing repairs are relatively easy on travel trailers, fifth wheels, RVs and toy haulers, but if you are not comfortable with repairing your own plumbing, ExploreUSA has experienced plumbing technicians in all of their Texas locations.


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RVs have many things to keep services, including slide outs, electronics and plumbing.

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