RVers, When’s the Last Time Your Replaced You Windshield Wipers?


Just like you may not often check to see if your tires are properly inflated, maintaining your windshield wipers on your recreational vehicle Texas may even be further down on your maintenance list. But I’m just hoping that it even made the list!

Like your vehicle, the wiper blades on your recreational vehicle Texas, need maintenance too. Having the ability to see out of your motorhome is vital to safe driving especially in rain, sleet and snow when you may notice that your wiper blades are not working so well. That is why I recommend changing the blades every year on my birthday. It may not sound like a great way to spend my birthday, but it is a day that I picked to remind myself to do this much needed maintenance.

Over time and due to many environmental factors your wiper blades may deteriorate due to:

  • Ultraviolet light and ozone deterioration from the sun
  • Car waxes and exhaust hold rubber which lead to deteriorating oil on the blades
  • Airborne debris like sand, mud and dust carried in the wind
  • Moisture from acid rain and salt water (in moist air both near the shore and inland)
  • When the rubber squeegee dries, hardens and cracks it will result in streaking. Tree sap, road tar and other foreign substances collected on either the glass or the blade can also cause this.
  • Skipping occurs when the blade develops a curvature from lack of use (e.g.: left in the ‘parked position’ for an extended length of time).
  • Wearing occurs with extensive use and is when the rubber edges are rounded instead of squared.
  • Splitting is caused when the sun’s ultraviolet rays penetrate the rubber squeegee, causing it to breakdown and separate from the frame.

Follow these steps below to avoid common problems and extend the life of your wiper blades:

  • Every time you fill your gas tank, clean your windshield often and at least.
  • Remove any loose dirt or oil from teh rubber squeegee by gently wiping it with a damp paper towel.
  • Never use your windshield wipers to de-ice your windshield. Instead, either use an ice scraper or use your defroster to melt snow and ice.
  • During the winter months, pull your wiper blades away from the windshield  to prevent ice build up on the rubber squeegee and to prevent them from sticking to the windshield.

Inspect your wiper blades for a broken frame, metal corrosion, any cracks, tears or missing pieces in the edge of rubber squeegee, flexibility to conform to your windshield as well as checking the squeegee’s edge for roundness.

If any of the above are happening to your wipers they should be replaced immediately. It’s good practice to replace your wiper blades every year, year and a half.

If you need an wiper blades or RV accessories stop by any ExploreUSA RV Super Center today!

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