Simple Ideas to Get Your RV Organized


You’ve probably heard people tell you that if your living space is disorganized, your mind will be too. While this method of thinking is typically applied to your home, the same rings true for your RV. If you’re getting ready for the upcoming camping season the best thing you can do after cleaning your RV is to make sure it’s organized. We put together a list of how you can keep your RV organized and your mind sane!


Because most RV kitchens are pretty tight on space, staying organized is integral to keeping your use of the kitchen frustration free. You can keep your kitchen organized by using under the cabinet mountable spice racks that securely store your spices and won’t shift when you’re driving. Utilize attractive, small pottery pieces to store various kitchen utensils. Another great way to save space is to store your plates vertically, instead of horizontally.


Most RV bathrooms are pretty small, unless you purchased a higher end fifth wheel that’s intended for full time living. One of the best ways to organize your bathroom is to purchase attractive wood or wicker baskets at your local home decor store. These typically run around $7-$15 and can be secured to a towel bar using zip ties or simply placed in a corner. 3 drawer organizers (around $30) are practical and easy to move. Each drawer can be dedicated to storing bath items or to a member of the family.


Although you probably won’t spend a lot of time in your bedroom (especially with most living areas being designed for comfort), keeping it organized will make finding items like jewelry and your favorite shoes much easier. One of the best ways to organize your bedroom is to purchase bins that fit in your wardrobe or closet to store shoes, scarves, and any other miscellaneous items in. Ikea offers a generous selection of storage bins and cubes made for small spaces.

Living Room

Your best friend in the living room will be Velcro, hands down. Use this to secure your remotes inside cabinets so they have a home when you’re out and about or on the move. Another genius option for remote storage is decorative pillows with pockets for your remotes. These can add your own personality to the environment, yet still serve a purpose.

Garage (Toy Haulers)

If you’re lucky enough to have a toy hauler, you probably find the garage more often than not disheveled, particularly if you’re using it as a garage and not for it’s added living space. Keeping your garage organized, however, is important not just because tools and toys cost money, but for safety reasons. The best way to organize your garage is to buy a large tool storage cabinet. Most feature locking wheels and can be secured to the wall to prevent them from falling forward when driving. To boot, they also can lock, which protects your tools from allowing anyone to get into them. Not worried about tools? These storage cabinets can also be used to store any other items that might fit in them, like shoes, hiking gear, and emergency kits.

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