Some Quick Tips to make RV Living Easy

Traveling in your RV is a pretty comfortable way to spend quality time with the family.

It’s your opportunity to leave the responsibilities of home ownership behind as you set out on the next big family adventure.

There are always ideas out there about how to make your RV living easier on everyone. I found this short video that may be helpful to you and help you solve some issues that you may have.


I have found that quite often we get scratches on the inside of our RV, either on the cabinets or the doors. This tip alone has helped us maintain our rig so that it doesn’t look like it has been abused or overused at all.

Here are a few more tips that I’ve found useful in the past.

If you like to cook in your kitchen but you don’t like it when food sprays as you cook on your stove, buy some disposable cookie sheets and prop them up around the perimeter of your stove to catch any food or grease spray. Keep those cookie sheets to use again and again, or use when you want to back some cookies!

Another great tip is to use a sticky lint roller to clean the inside of your window screens. Use it on the outside of your screens too. Also, peel off that used sheet and use the roller on your furniture to remove any pet hair.

If you are like me, I spend my free time looking for the TV remote control in our RV. I cannot seem to keep up with it. Buy some velcro, cut a 2-3 inch strip and stick the rough side to the back of your remote. Then find a good place for your remote control to live, stick the other side of the velcro strip right there and presto, you have a home for your remote. [RV Quick Tips]

Now I have all of this free time while we are camping in our RV! ┬áIf I find any more easy tips for you I’ll share them later. Until then, enjoy your motorhome, fifth wheel or trailer. If you need any supplies or accessories, stop in at any of our Explore USA locations.

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