Texas RVers, Are You Prepared for a Hurricane?

Living in Texas you don’t really get use to the idea of there ever possibly be a hurricane. It can be pretty frightening, but a great way to ease your fearfulness is to be prepared with a plan for you and your RV Texas!  We are still in hurricane season and are actually in the end of the peak of the season right now.  Below are some great tips to prepare you for the event of a hurricane. However, the key is be PREPARED! And I know this is much easier said than done, but try to stay as calm as possible so that you are able to make the most rational decisions.

In the event of a hurricane when you are RVing here are some great tips to follow:

  • Don’t think you can ride it out. This a choice that not just RVers are guilty of, but it is a very dangerous one. And all to often many have a change of heart and try to get out in the last minute and more times than not they are unprepared. However, being a RVer you do have the advantage in that you’re pretty much packed and have all the necessities with you. Head in-and as soon as you get the warning to do so.
  • Stay up-to-date with the storm. Since we don’t control Mother Nature, you need to keep informed with the hurricane as they can easily change paths. You also need to be able to change your course in an instant as well if necessary too.
  • Tread lightly if you are experiencing heavy rainfall. With a hurricane, torrential downpours often occurs along side it. As if a hurricane isn’t enough!  Be very cautious as you’re driving as you don’t want to get caught up and swept away in a flash flood.
  • Keep your fuels topped off. This includes the fuel you need to power your RV Texas as well as any propane tanks for grilling or running the generator.
  • Keep at least up to one weeks of food available. This is easier for full-timers, but part-time RVers you should keep more non-perishable items in your pantry.
  • Keep your family and all those RVing with you informed of your plans.

As I mentioned earlier, being prepared is the number one way to keep yourself safe. You can always stop by any ExploreUSA RV Supercenter to get some extra RV supplies as well as have your RV checked out. What are some of your RV hurricane prep tips?  Post your tips below or swing by and share in person at any ExploreUSA RV Supercenter.



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