Texas RVers Check Out RV Caravanning!

If you are new to RVing and aren’t sure what sites to visit, or even if you are an experienced RVer and just want to change it up a bit, a RV caravan tour may be just what you’re looking for.  A RV caravan is simply a caravan where quite often you drive your own RV, but go in a group with other RVers and have a planned itinerary created by a travel guide service.   The lead tour guide is often referred to as the wagonmaster and you have a tailgunner heading up the rear.  The wagonmaster leads the pack on their journey, and the tailgunner serves as the caboose to make sure nobody gets left behind, helping with flat tires and other maintenance.  This type of caravan can make it more comforting to go on trips to areas you may not have wanted to travel to alone such as Mexico or the Alaskan highway.

RV caravans can be great if you desire to travel to a new area and be escorted by an experienced travel guide.  It is just like any other guided trip except for the fact that you take your RV.  It is quite neat as well to have many other RVers who all have similar interests travelling together as a group.  At night you can sit around the campfire and swap stories with other RVers who are also on the trip.  For some, it is much less stressful to know that all of the arrangements have been taken care of well in advance and are being handled by someone else, yet they can still stay in the comfort of their own RV.  It also can take a lot of the prep-work out if you don’t have to do all the research yourself on a new area.  Plus, you’ll make sure not to miss out on any exiting activities you may not have known about on your own.

You can even take the caravan to the next level and do a RV Rally.  What is a RV Rally?  According to Adventure Caravans:

a Rally is a gathering of RVers at a fixed location, who come together to participate in a popular event or happening. Rallies are so much fun! We get to enjoy some of North America’s greatest events with others who have shared interests, similar backgrounds, or perhaps a little of both. Rallies are a great place to meet-up with friends you traveled with – hold a mini-reunion and catchup on times past – or to make ‘new friends of a lifetime.

Regardless whether you prefer a caravan or a rally, if either sound interesting to you, get online and do your research on the various RV caravan companies.  Find one that has trips scheduled to a destination you want to go to and who has activities planned out that you enjoy.  Do your research to make sure they have good references by past RVers who booked with them.  Then get out and have fun in a new way of RVing!  But before you leave make sure to stop at ExploreUSA RV Super Center for all of your caravan RVing needs…or heck, maybe even a new RV!

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