Texas RVing and Cell Phones

This isn’t a reminder of cell phone use while driving your RV or distracted driving as officials would call it; instead, this is information on how your cell phone can actually help to save your life.

RVing and the activities that go along with it can take you to many places around the country. Good thing cell phone towers are a growing trend in remote locations,  as your phone will most always have service no matter where you go! That is why I recommend taking it wherever you go. You never know when you may possibly end up in an emergency situation where you may need to call for help.

Here’s a good list on how your cell phone can help you out in an emergency or even an RVing situation and what to do:

  1. Bring your phone with you at all times. You can always turn it off should the need arise.
  2. Always charge the battery of your cell phone.
  3. Bring a fully charged backup battery if possible.
  4. Don’t let your phone get wet!
  5. Have all of your emergency contacts listed. Add ICE, “in case of emergency,” to contacts you would like contacted in an emergency. This helps the authorities to identify them on your phone if you put ICE next to their name.
  6. Store any medical information in your phone. There are apps for this for smart phones. Or use a note functionality so that if the time is possible, emergency care workers can check your phone. This includes allergies, health conditions, etc.
  7. The ChildID app which was developed by the FBI is a must for those who have children.
  8. Your phone’s camera or video ability can come in handy to document any damages as well as those fun times.
  9. Maps and GPS are pretty much standard on phones so there’s no excuse to get lost.

Keep in mind that cell phones are NOT 100% reliable but are a very good tool to have. Should you leave your RV it’s a good idea to leave a general iteniary of your day just in case anything happens and the authorities can have a better standing of where to look for you.

If you have any suggestions on fun gadgets that can keep you safe we’d love to hear from you. Just comment below or stop by any convenient ExploreUSA RV Supercenter.

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