The Four Hand Signals for Backing Up that RV!

Backing up a recreational vehicle can very frustrating. Especially when it’s a huge motorhome and you don’t have 100% confidence in doing it. I mean most of those things don’t even come with a rearview mirror!  But on second thought, why would they when the only view you would get would most likely be the mattress in the very back bedroom!

In efforts to help with backing up the motorhome, a lot of people buy cameras that can aid in backing up the motorhome. However, those usually only help out some and you still need to get out or in the spot your in.  In addition to the camera, it can also be helpful to have 2-way radios as well.

So what does one do?  Use the good old way of having a spotter. Personally I think having a spotter is a must and then the use of the backup camera and side mirrors are only secondary. However, your spotter must be able to communicate to you well. I highly suggest having a conversation and reviewing the hand signals with your spotter so that you both are on the same page. It can become very frustrating very fast if communication breaks down. So avoid this potential danger and have a chat before you end up in a situation where you need to back up.

There are four universal hand signals, six really, that are used as per the below that both you and your co-pilot/spotter should know and be on the same page as to which on will be used if two options for the same sign exist:

Stop – cross both of your wrists above your head to make an X. Another way to do this to make a fist and hold up in the air.

This Far to Go – with your hands above your head, measure out a distance for a starting point and as the driver goes back less the gap between your hands by bringing them together. You will end up with your hand touching above your head when the RV has backed up  enough.

Come Straight Back – Hold your arms out in front of you with your palms up and bend at elbows motioning the driver to comes toward you until you motion stop.

Go Right, Go Left and How Much – to sign to go either right or left, extend your arms shoulder height to your side. Bend at your elbow so that your pointer fingers are point to the sky. Signal by pointing to where you want the end of the coach to go. Another signal for this is how bike rider use to signal a turn. To go right, angle your left arm at 90 degrees. To turn left, extend your left arm out parallel to the ground. If the driver has turned enough, sign for stop or to continue to go straight back.

And if you the driver are ever unclear as to what is trying to be signaled, make no action at all so that they will repeat it more clearly.

We hope that the above tips help the next time you need to back up your RV Texas! And stop by ExploreUSA RV Supercenter today!

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