The Perfect Fifth Wheel is Measured By Its Turning Radius and Heartland is the Best!

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Although many of us begin our search for a new fifth wheel by looking for a floor plan and other options that are important to us, one key factor in finding the perfect fifth wheel for you is the trailer’s turning radius.  Yes, the layout, weight, size and options of a trailer are probably the most important factors when determining what fifth wheel is right for you, but it is important to not forget the turning radius.  You may need to check out the best on the market, Heartland.

Heartland has invented and patented their 88 degree turning radius on their fifth wheels.  This makes turning (and backing into tight spaces) much easier.  The engineers on their team spent countless hours coming up with a system to improve the turning radius, and owners of Heartland fifth wheels are very thankful for this.

Many fifth wheel owners who use a short bed extended cab truck as their tow vehicle must rely on expensive slider hitches to help with the turning radius when pulling a fifth wheel.  A fifth wheel that has a sharper turning radius can eliminate the need for these expensive hitches.  The problem is that these short bed extended cab trucks have become a favorite amongst Americans as they provide the seating many desire, without the extreme length of a long bed, allowing them to fit in more garages.   Although this style of truck is very popular, they aren’t optimal for towing a fifth wheel.  The reason is simple:  with the shorter bed, these trucks have less distance between the cab and the front of the fifth wheel.  This decreased distance makes turning much more difficult because when there is not as much room between the cab of the truck and the trailer, often the front corner of the trailer can hit the cab of the truck when attempting to make a sharp turn.  To avoid a collision between tow vehicle and camper, you must make a wider turn which also isn’t always optimal or achievable.  Therefore, a sharper turning radius, without the worry of jackknifing the trailer into the side of your truck, is much safer.

Regardless of a fifth wheel’s turning radius, if you are a first time tower of a fifth wheel, turning will take practice and patience to master.  However, if you are like me, you will certainly explore options which will make this maneuver simpler and safer.  Many folks don’t think of a trailer’s turning radius when purchasing a fifth wheel, but I suggest you do your research on this prior to making a big purchase; you’ll be glad you did.  Then come check it out for yourself at any convenient ExploreUSA RV Supercenter.

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